Security Operation Center (SOC) 24×7

We monitor security systems and platforms to detect alerts early. We generate machine learning through machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. We provide service for all current Antivirus, Endpoint security, EDR, Next Generation Firewall, IPS, WAF, Database security, Proxy web or web gateway, email gateway or antispam, malware sandboxing, SIEM solutions and log and system management monitoring or uptime. We include custom dashboards with compromise indicators alerts and KPIs using business intelligence (BI) technologies. We have a 24x7x365 service.

Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) 24×7

We help you improve your level of incident preparedness. We start from the premise that incidents are going to happen and the question is how prepared are we to respond. We seek to accompany in the preparation from the prevention, monitoring and detection so the activities to be able to work proactively continuously, have an early detection of incidents and a response in the shortest possible time. Our incident response team works from the triage of the incident, classifying and categorizing it to assign the appropriate personnel for its correct management and resolution of the incident.