Incident Response

Cyber Emergency Response

Were you attacked by ransomware? Have you had an information leak? We can help you. We have a 24×7 service to help contain and respond to incidents. While we prefer to help our clients prepare, prevent, monitor and detect incidents, sometimes unexpected events happen that require immediate action. Do not hesitate to contact us and one of our consultants will be available to advise and assist you to investigate and analyze the situation.

Data Breach Investigations

If you have had an information leak incident, we can help you investigate the threat’s ingress vector, detect compromised systems and data, we scan the network and services for malicious activity. Any trace left by the leak will be analyzed to determine the impact and dispersion of the event.

Digital Forensics Lab

From our digital forensic laboratory we can collaborate in investigations where a process of acquiring forensic data is needed both from PCs and laptops and from mobile devices. We have adequate software and hardware to preserve digital evidence and mature chain of custody processes that allow us to generate a solid case when necessary. We comply with the forensic expertise regulations of each country in the region.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud analysis requires a systematic analysis work that allows the traceability of transactions or activities to be analyzed in order to detect those that are fraudulent. In many cases, reverse application engineering or advanced pentesting is required to determine if there is a threat vector that has been exploited by attackers.