Resilience Strategy

Resilience Strategy

The long-term success and competitiveness of organizations has been linked to their ability to resist and recover from changes and incidents that may occur. It is very important to work on the planning of various aspects that prepare the organization against any type of risk that generates greater risks than it can accept. It is important to generate a culture of resilience in the organization with a top-down approach that comes from a real and active interest and commitment of senior management.

Risk Management

Managing cybersecurity risks has been a highly discussed topic and there are still few agreements. It is necessary to identify the inherent cybersecurity risks and carry out a correct analysis based on the organization’s risk appetite. We work based on ISO 31000 for risk management and frameworks such as NIST 800-30 but also closely aligned with ISO 27032 where our certified consultants accompany a mature cybersecurity risk management process for your organization.

Cyber Crisis Management

It is extremely important to plan the decisions that one must make during a crisis. Through a team of multidisciplinary consultants, we create real scenarios that contemplate the various cybersecurity crises that may occur and we work on a plan that includes both the steps to follow, processes, playbooks, as well as preparing the spokespersons or communicators, the strategy for manage crises both technically and internally and externally, such as the media, business partners, suppliers and employees.

Business Continuity Management

Start or improve your Business Impact Analysis (BIA) process and the management of your business continuity plans by creating a mature business continuity management (BCM) process. The plan is a quick guide to crisis management, but strong strategic planning work including plan maintenance, drills, and simulations is necessary to prepare the entire team for a potential crisis. It is very important to be able to make decisions before a possible crisis to avoid making bad hot decisions during crises. Our comprehensive service will help you create and maintain your plans and that they are not mere compliance documents but a fundamental tool for senior management responsible for the operational continuity of the organization.

Disaster Recovery Management

Technology has become a fundamental piece in organizations. So much so, that we often depend 100% on being able to continue with our normal operations. It is necessary to plan a high availability strategy as well as a recovery process at the times determined by the business need. From the data of the recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO), we work on the necessary investments and implementations to be able to comply with said business requirements. We offer a complete service of planning and implementation of technological strategies as well as accompaniment and planning of drills.