About Krav Maga Hacking

Krav Maga Hacking was created with the objective of delivering the best professional cybersecurity services and we continuously work to ensure that our deliverables are unique and with much added value to our clients. Our vision is to be the best strategic partner for cybersecurity services and products.

Integrity and Ethics

Ethics, Integrity and Moral are fundamental pillars of the company. Respect, cordiality, confidentiality and diversity are fundamental values that we seek to highlight as a company all the time. We feel a very high responsibility with our clients and business partners to deliver the best cybersecurity services on the market using the highest standards and internationally accepted methodologies through a team of consultants on multiple certificates in cybersecurity.

The Name History

Krav Maga Hacking name come from the association to Krav Maga military self-defense and fighting system developed for the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli security forces which uses a mix o techniques combining simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers. And as a company we train and provide advice in both areas too.

Partner Network

You can access to a full partner network expertise. Our partner network across Latin America and Caribbean provides the best local services combined with our team of advisors to deliver best results for our customers.

Codic (Argentina) | Nova8 (Brazil) | Security Advisor (Chile) | Datastream (Mexico) | Symptai (Jamaica) | ONE (Paraguay) | Innovants (Perú) | Codic (Uruguay) | Arnaldo C. Castro (Uruguay) | PC Tek (Uruguay)