Application Security

Application Security Maturity Program

We apply OWASP SAMM framework to help organizations assess, formulate, and implement a strategy for software security. We offer a service that allows you to compare against the model. We create a strategy so that you can improve the level of security maturity in your software development team. Secure software policies, Threat Modeling process and tools, Training programs, change management, security over the entire CI CD Pipeline and anything require to achieve your desired application security maturity level.

Application Security Testing (AST)

Licensing and advisory services with the best solutions for Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). Our partners are Checkmarx and NeuraLegion. We provide full support and professional services to integrate security in your SDLC and CI CD Pipeline. Native Integrations with Jenkins, CirclCi, Azure and the most used IDEs like Eclipse, InteliJ or Visual Studio and also native integration with github and jira with both solutions.

Remediation Services

Application security remediation after SAST or DAST scans in a continuous integration and continuous delivery environment with our consultants helping you. Improve your team capabilities and time to remediate vulnerabilities by our consultants and Center of Excellence to discuss false positives and provide secure code recommendations.

Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Services

We see what no one else sees. We analyze the security of your applications with a 100% offensive vision. Web Application Penetration Testing, API Security Testing, Mobile Application Penetration Testing and IT Infrastructure Audits. Social Engineering Services. Red Team and Threat Hunting services.